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Jason this is Karen, and I am just calling to tell you I'm happy with your service. I went to the dentist today and I'm getting both upper and lower at no cost, thank you dear...


Jason worked with my husband when he needed insurance for 2019. Jason was well prepared, fully knowing the various choices with their pros and cons. He was patient with our questions and was well versed on the answers. I highly recommend Jason for your insurance needs.


I was suckered into a different plan, they said It would give me more benefits so I enrolled. the following month I went to my doctor and he was not in the network, My Sister told me to call Jason and he could probably fix it. I called, he came over within a few days, we went over all the options and I went back to a plan that my Doctors did take. I am not going to lie, it was frustrating than fully Jason made the process easy and understandable. Thank you, Jason!


I got bamboozled by one of them telemarketer people, they put me in a plan without me knowing.. Jason was able to get back on track with the right plan.


When I retired from the military I had no idea I could access the same benefits civilians can... Once Jason explained how medicare works, it was a no-brainer to select a zero-dollar plan to accompany my Tricare for Life! I am now literally saving over $800.00 a year, My gym membership is paid, and I am getting over-the-coUSAFunter products for nothing every quarter. Thank you Jason I had no Idea!

Jack - Ret US Air Force

My wife and I are both retired military, when Jason explained how we can increase our benefits after we transitioned to Tricare For Life, well, we were a bit skeptical. So far it has been 2 years and we are saving a lot of money using the additional benefits! Thank you, Jason, we just never knew this was available, and yes we are telling our friends at the club.

John & Joann - US Army Retired

Jason provided me with all the options available to me in the county I live, I selected a plan of my choice. There are no secrets, Jason shows you the doctors, the prescription and the benefits, oh and the cost! I selected a zero-dollar plan that works well for me.